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"BRILL DAY - made me think about reading not only being about books we read. And how it all relates to our children and young people." Foster Carer.

I've worked with Jerry as a colleague, and have also contracted him to deliver training courses for the programmes I work with, particularly Chatterbooks, Young Cultural Creators, and TRF (Their Reading Futures). I've always found him a great colleague - knowledgeable and inspiring, delivering high-quality and stimulating training, and always up-to-date, pertinent and thoroughly-researched consultancy work
Tricia Kings, Freelance Librarian, Trainer, and Manager of Young Cultural Creators.

I can highly recommend Jerry to any school; he will entertain you, inspire you but, most of all, he will give you great ideas on how to improve and extend reading opportunities for our pupils both at school and at home.
Shirley Drummond, Teacher, Cadogan House, Royal Masonic School for Girls.

Your sheer enthusiasm is worth its weight in gold. You made every aspect of the training relevant & appropriate to the specific audience. Your relaxed approach encouraged participation, even from those who admitted they were very unsure of themselves. Your sessions feel like learning from a trusted friend - anecdotes & real experience mix well with the hard messages & guidelines. Overall two things that make you so effective as a trainer:
1) Your approachable & non judgemental attitude
2) It is very clear the information is based on real experience & knowledge.
Rosie Scotting, Librarian: Children and Young People, North Lincolnshire Council, on behalf of Yorkshire & Humber Youth Libraries Group.

"Jerry's training is very enjoyable and lively. He imparts a lot of information with a light touch and stimulates participants in creative thinking. He has a down to earth and humorous approach, sharing lots of practical ideas as well as a wealth of information about relevant legislation, government strategies etc."Michele Eaton, Head of Schools Library and Museum Service, East Sussex County Council.

"I will now read more, put more reading material around the house... in the bathroom - and use the library more." Foster Carer.

"I am going to make a point of reading the books we discussed and I will keep up to date with new children's books!"Teacher.

"Just to say how excellent yesterday's storytelling training was. This morning we had a class of 4 - 5 year olds from a local school and I chose two stories and really enjoyed sharing them with the children. I followed your advice and I'm now confident about storytimes. Thank you very much for helping me with what was a real problem... formerly..." Public Library Staff.

Jerry has provided training on delivering an excellent service to children and their families for staff in Lewisham Library and Information Service. I have also booked him as a keynote speaker for London Youth Libraries Group one day schools. Jerry is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about library services. He is also very easy to work with - creative and flexible, Jerry always tailors what he delivers to the specific needs of the group he will be working with - checking back with the organiser that he is delivering what is required. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him wholeheartedly. He is excellent.
Cathy Myers, Outreach Officer, Lewisham Library and Information Service.

The training was exactly what we were after. The staff were highly motivated by Jerry and his approach. The content was not only appropriate but went beyond the parameters we had set and left us with real food for thought regarding reader development. It has given us some great ideas on how to take reader development forward as an authority. The training was delivered in a fun way. Jerry’s enthusiasm shone through and the content was thought provoking, interesting and motivating.

Jerry had delegates eating out of the palm of his hand within minutes of starting. He is clearly an expert in the area and has years of practical experience he was able to pass on during the training day. The training style was easy going and fun. He built up a great rapport with the delegates, who all commented on how enjoyable Jerry had made the day. This was one of the best training days we have delivered in North Lanarkshire. This is down to Jerry and his approach. It was as close as you can get to a perfect training day; one that has already had impact, as we have seen how staff have begun to adopt approaches talked about during the day into their everyday reader development and book group activities.
Russell Brown, Children's and Young People's Library Service Manager, North Lanarkshire Education & Learning Services

Jerry has a proven track record of planning, co-ordinating, delivering and evaluating services for children and young people. This is very practical training, enabling staff to develop awareness, confidence, knowledge and skills to meet the needs of children and young people. As with all of Jerry's training, sessions can be tailored to specific local needs. Jerry is also happy to create new courses. Many courses are adaptable to Library, School, Archive, Theatre, Arts, Museum, Heritage, Sports and Leisure settings.

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Training options include:

  • 101 ways to a vibrant, inspiring and creative reading community
  • Baby, Bounce and Rhyme: a fun introduction
  • Beyond behaviour management: effective engagement for learning in the Secondary School Library
  • Children's reading: a practical introduction
  • Children's [or family] reading groups: a practical introduction
  • Children's [or family] reading groups: next steps
  • Children's and young people's customer focus
  • Creating a successful library for children and young people: a role for everyone
  • Effective engagement with children and young people
  • Get them in! Attracting and retaining young adult [public or school library] customers
  • Getting the whole school reading: a practical approach for primary schools
  • Getting the whole school reading: a practical approach for secondary schools
  • Hitting the mark: planning, evaluation and advocacy for children's and young people's library services
  • Include, engage, inspire: an introduction to working with Special Educational Needs Students
  • Leading and being led: working with children and young peoplein promoting fiction and wider reading
  • Leading and being led: young people as partners in service development and delivery
  • Libraries inspiring young people: a role for everyone
  • Libraries supporting learners: self evaluation in the school library resource centre [Scotland]
  • Making them matter: effective school class visits - a practical approach
  • Marketing and promoting public library services to children and young people
  • Managing behaviour: making positive connections with young people
  • More than just reading out loud: storytelling with books for public libraries
  • More than just reading out loud: storytelling with books in school. Foundation to Key Stage 2
  • Moving the library forward [school libraries]
  • Planning for Improvement: an introduction to planning, evaluation and advocacy for schools
  • Planning for success: self-evaluation in the primary school library
  • Planning for success: self-evaluation in the secondary school library
  • Public libraries for children and young people: issues of social inclusion
  • Reader development, ICT and the new media: approaches with children and young people
  • Reading the Future. Children & Young People, New Media and Reading: Creating and presenting a new library offer
  • Reading for pleasure... it's a boy thing!
  • Reading making connections: partnership working with looked-after young people and residential care staff
  • Riding the tiger! Student involvement in school libraries and learning spaces in the 21st century
  • Stronger together! Effective partnership working with schools
  • Structure for learning: an introduction to the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • The right stuff! Working with children and young people to create relevant and inspiring libraries
  • School reading groups: a practical approach
  • Stronger together: effective partnership working with schools
  • Supporting learning: planning, running and evaluating public library-based homework support
  • Teenage reading: a practical introduction
  • Teenage reading groups: a practical introduction
  • Teenage reading groups: next steps

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If you need further information, or would like to discuss your training or consultancy requirements, please e mail or phone 07950 408347.

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