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"This will help us to re-evaluate how we plan and 'sell' our services and how we can more effectively sing from the rooftops." Public Library Staff.

"Jerry's approach was spot-on. Marketing and promotion is something we have to improve or we risk becoming irrelevant. If we don't do it, nobody will do it for us. Jerry gave us techniques and confidence to move forward." Public Library Staff.

"It was one of the best training sessions I have been to and so practical. We have our inspection at the beginning of June and the info we were given will be very helpful in preparing evidence etc. as well as for co-operation between us and the public library service." School Librarian.

"How to make friends and gain influence! Thank you." Public Library Staff.

"I can see now how much more we can do to promote the differences the library makes. Many great ideas I will use straight away."School Librarian.

"This will help us to re-evaluate how we plan and 'sell' our services and how we can more effectively sing from the rooftops." Public Library Staff.

Jerry is a very knowledgeable trainer as well as being extremely enthusiastic. His passion for the subject is palpable and the course participants pick up on it early in the day. The strategies and knowledge that Jerry delivers are practical and easily implemented but can have huge impacts on service delivery as well as lifting staff morale.
Annie Thompson Service Manager - Change Programme Manager, Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Jerry can be relied on to deliver high quality training which engages delegates and produces real changes back in their work places.
Sally Duncan, Assistant Director, School Library Association.

The [advocacy and promotion] course was excellent. It engaged all participants and entertained as well as getting over course content and giving the participants important home truths. It was fast moving, yet with time to reflect and ask questions. Another excellent course, Jerry.
Amanda Deaville, Senior School Services Officer, Cumbria Library Services for Schools.

Get your message across. Create a network of support. Raise the profile of your service. Increase your service uptake! How to attract more funding, resources, status and support, and achieve a higher profile within your community. Exploration of tried and tested approaches to defining our 'products' and services and to identifying and reaching target markets.

Participants will explore effective ways to communicate and involve audiences. We also look at the important relationship between marketing and promotion and put this into the context of everyday service delivery.

Sessions can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of participants from frontline staff to managers and the emphasis is always on the difference individuals can make to the way our services are perceived.

As with all of Jerry's training, sessions can be tailored to specific local needs. Jerry is also happy to create new courses. Training is adaptable to Library, School, Archive, Theatre, Arts, Museum, Heritage, Sports and Leisure settings. The focus can be work with children, teenagers or adults or the full range of service provision.

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Areas commonly explored across these training options:

  • What is our 'offer' and why is it so special?
  • Marketing, promotion, advocacy and information... what's the difference and why are they so important?
  • Developing an advocacy strategy
  • The advocacy plan
  • Tailoring services to what people really want
  • Consulting and involving people
  • Partnerships and co-working
  • Selecting advocacy audiences
  • Key advocacy messages
  • Advocacy in action
  • Practical ideas to take away!
  • Action planning

If you need further information, or would like to discuss your training or consultancy requirements, please e mail or phone 07950 408347.

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