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''I have learnt that the main thing is to care about what you are saying because once you do then you can tell people about it easier and you don't worry so much about making mistakes." Public Library Staff.

"Being prepared takes away the nerves!" School Librarian.

"I wanted to thank you for delivering the excellent training session "Getting the Whole School Reading". I followed your advice and planned, evaluated and provided evidence for all my reading development and promotional activities. I then had a meeting about this with the school's Senior Leadership Team. The meeting went well and when it was announced, at short notice, that the school was to have an Ofsted Survey Inspection for Literacy I was included in a meeting with the Inspector and the Library was observed. Thank goodness I had already prepared most of my impact, evaluation and evidence file. I presented the Inspector with an enhanced file containing current activities and ones that were at the planning stage. He was suitably impressed! The Inspector sent a report to the Head with the following remarks about the Library: "The outstanding leadership of the exciting library provision successfully encourages the students to read frequently. A memorable highlight of the visit was the very enthusiastic way the students talked about their personal reading." Thanks again, Jerry." Secondary School Librarian.

"Giving a good impression of yourself makes all the difference!" Museum Staff.

"An incredibly useful day. Thank you!" Public Library Staff.

"I'm going to go back and put into practice all I have learnt." School Librarian.

Your sheer enthusiasm is worth its weight in gold. You made every aspect of the training relevant & appropriate to the specific audience. Your relaxed approach encouraged participation, even from those who admitted they were very unsure of themselves. Your sessions feel like learning from a trusted friend - anecdotes & real experience mix well with the hard messages & guidelines. Overall two things that make you so effective as a trainer:
1) Your approachable & non judgemental attitude
2) It is very clear the information is based on real experience & knowledge.
Rosie Scotting, Librarian: Children and Young People, North Lincolnshire Council, on behalf of Yorkshire & Humber Youth Libraries Group.

Presentation skills: developing confidence, enhancing personal impact / Training the trainer: the practical essentials of training and facilitation. Providing the confidence and techniques to prepare and deliver presentations or training in a range of settings.

As with all of Jerry's training, sessions can be tailored to specific local needs. Jerry is also happy to create new courses. Training is adaptable to Library, School, Archive, Theatre, Arts, Museum, Heritage, Sports and Leisure settings. The focus can be work with children, teenagers or adults or the full range of service provision.

Sessions commonly include:

  • What is a presentation?
  • What defines 'training' or facilitation'?
  • Knowing about, believing in and caring about your subject
  • What's being delivered? Your subject and yourself!
  • Matching content and approach to audience
  • Engaging with children and young people
  • How to structure your sessions
  • Knowing what's essential and what can be adapted
  • Time management
  • Planning
  • Delivering
  • What to do if it goes wrong

Training options include:

  • Delivering the message!
  • Practical 'hands on' workshops
  • Training the trainer: the practical essentials of training and facilitation

If you need further information, or would like to discuss your training or consultancy requirements, please e mail or phone 07950 408347.

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