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"We invited consultant Jerry Hurst to run a twilight training session for staff followed by an evening session for parents of pupils in our pre-school through to Year 7. Jerry gave practical tips on how to promote reading for pleasure in our schools and at home which have further strengthened the relationship between the parents and school in supporting the pupils in their learning. I can highly recommend Jerry to any school; he will entertain you, inspire you but, most of all, he will give you great ideas on how to improve and extend reading opportunities for pupils both at school and at home." Shirley Drummond, Teacher at Cadogan House, Royal Masonic School for Girls.

"Need the rest of our staff to hear Jerry, so will organise an INSET day!"Teacher.

"Many thanks for the fab course the other week. I and my colleague found it very inspiring - so much so that I want to do a small project with teenage mums." Public Library Staff.

The effect on staff has been overwhelming.
Kate Turner, Resources Librarian & Libraries Training Officer, Cheshire Libraries.

I've worked with Jerry as a colleague, and have also contracted him to deliver training courses for the programmes I work with, particularly Chatterbooks, Young Cultural Creators, and TRF (Their Reading Futures). I've always found him a great colleague - knowledgeable and inspiring, delivering high-quality and stimulating training, and always up-to-date, pertinent and thoroughly-researched consultancy work
Tricia Kings, Freelance Librarian, Trainer, and Manager of Young Cultural Creators.

Focusing on the planning, delivery and evaluation of reader development with readers of all ages and abilities - this can include children, teenagers, adults or older people and can focus on particular activity, such as reading groups.

This area of training can be combined with other areas and can be delivered as a joint package - for example, libraries with schools, museums, archives, youth services, with a focus on partnership in action.

As with all of Jerry's training, sessions can be tailored to specific local needs. Jerry is also happy to create new courses. Training is adaptable to Library, School, Archive, Theatre, Arts, Museum, Heritage, Sports and Leisure settings. The focus can be work with children, teenagers or adults or the full range of service provision.

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Training options include:

  • 101 ways to a vibrant, inspiring and creative reading community
  • Adult reading groups: a practical introduction
  • Adult reading groups: next steps
  • Baby, Bounce and Rhyme
  • Children's reading groups: a practical introduction
  • Children's reading groups: next steps
  • Getting the whole school reading: a practical approach for primary schools
  • Getting the whole school reading: a practical approach for secondary schools
  • Inspiring the library user: reader development in action
  • More than just reading aloud: storytelling with books for public libraries
  • More than just reading aloud: storytelling with books in school. Foundation to Key Stage 2
  • Practical, 'hands on' workshops introducing participants to ready-to-use reading activities for children, teenagers or adults. Sessions also support participants in creating new activities suitable for reading groups and other reader development situations
  • Promoting reading in the primary school
  • Promoting reading in the secondary school
  • Reader development, ICT and the new media
  • Reader development, ICT and the new media: approaches with children and young people
  • Reading for pleasure... it's a boy thing!
  • Reading the Future. Children & Young People, New Media and Reading: Creating and presenting a new library offer
  • Reading making connections: partnership working with looked-after young people and residential care staff
  • School reading groups: a practical approach
  • Teenage reading: a practical introduction
  • Teenage reading groups: a practical introduction
  • Teenage reading groups: next steps

Areas commonly explored across these training options:

  • Outcomes-based planning and evaluation
  • Using reader development as a source of powerful advocacy material
  • Making the library an inspiring reading place
  • Whole staff involvement
  • Consulting and involving readers
  • The books, magazines, comics, websites...
  • The role of peer recommendation
  • Reader development activities to take away
  • Reading groups
  • Storytelling
  • ICT in reader development
  • Action planning

If you need further information, or would like to discuss your training or consultancy requirements, please e mail or phone 07950 408347.

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