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"The training has helped me to think about how we can make our sessions much, much more relevant to schools." Museum Staff.

"Jerry was a brilliant trainer. He has a brilliant sense of humour and covered a great deal in a short space of time. My attention never wavered. An excellent course, well run and well put together." Public Library Staff.

The range of practical activities and resources in the school class visits and storytelling training were great and could be easily adapted to Chatterbooks, teen groups etc. as well as used in class visits. It was also good that it demonstrated that you don’t need to be a performer to share stories. It was very useful to see class visits from schools’ perspectives and how to deal with things when it doesn’t go to plan. It was very good to have the benefits to pupils and libraries clearly spelt out and to underline that class visit are not just a ‘nice’ thing that we do, but have a purpose. It has increased staff’s awareness of how we can work with schools.

Feedback from staff was very positive and all staff said that they felt their understanding had increased and they felt more equipped to do class visit after the training, which was the purpose of the training. People who had not done class visit before found it helpful in ‘demystifying’ them. I would recommend Jerry to other library authorities.
Emma Fisher, Children & Young People’s Librarian, South Gloucestershire Libraries.

Focusing on the planning, practical delivery and evaluation of school class visits to the public library, museum or archive. This area of training can be combined with other areas and can be delivered as a joint public library, museum or archive / school package, with a focus on partnership in action.

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As with all of Jerry's training, sessions can be tailored to specific local needs. Jerry is also happy to create new courses. Training is adaptable to Library, School, Archive, Theatre, Arts, Museum, Heritage, Sports and Leisure settings.

Making them matter: effective school class visits - a practical approach

Photograph. Reading

Areas explored:

  • Class visits: what's the point? Thinking about outcomes for young people and for libraries, museums, archives and schools
  • Inspiring reading and learning
  • Library / museum / archives / school liaison: planning and working in partnership
  • Class visits promoting and supporting reader development and information literacy
  • Staff skills
  • Possible models across the age ranges
  • Policy issues
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Links to other areas of provision
  • Action planning

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