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"I really enjoyed the day. It was a positive experience, where I have learnt a lot more about customer care, in particular in the library environment. It has been also great to share ideas!" Public Library Staff.

"Jerry's genuine passion for the service – infectious!" Public Library Staff.

"Jerry is a very informative, approachable and knowledgeable trainer. Thank you so much." Public Library Staff.

"Jerry is a very upbeat trainer!" Public Library Staff.

"Jerry was eloquent, dynamic and not cliché – The activities were effective and stimulating, not manufactured." Public Library Staff.

"You are a terrific motivator! I feel ready to tackle the world. Thank you." Customer Services Staff.

"For me I feel that the training has made me feel more positive about how I approach people and welcome them to the library." Public Library Staff.

"More training with Jerry please for all staff!" Secondary School Teacher.

"Made me more switched on to customer needs. Spotting when to intervene & offer help." Public Library Staff.

"The guidance on dealing with difficult customers was particularly helpful. Thank you!" Sports Staff.

"Helpful to look afresh at customer situations, which helped me to get to grips with difficult issues where I work." Theatre Staff.

"Liked the positive tone of the course. He stressed how important the job we are doing is, which is motivating us to make the extra effort". Public Library Staff.

"It has made me feel very positive about my job and perked me up! If you give positivity, you get it back!" Public Library Staff.

"Thank you for the floor walking training day. You have made a difference to the customer care that I give and as a result I am sure this will have an impact on the customer care of my team and any teams I work with in the future. You were an inspiration.” Library Manager.

"I will now read more, put more reading material around the house... in the bathroom - and use the library more." Foster Carer.

"The best training I have ever had!" Public Library Staff.

"... my job has changed a lot this year and this has helped me to see how I can be better (happier!) at what I'm doing now." Public Library Staff.

"So much to take back to work, to improve how I go about things." Leisure Centre Staff.

"What I have learnt today will help me to improve the way customers think about who we are and what we do." Museum Staff.

"Today made me think again about how it all looks to customers. Plenty of approaches to use straightaway." Public Library Staff.

"I have learnt so much today and it was good fun too. Thank you." Sports Staff.

"Thought you were an excellent trainer and were good at getting us to engage within the group. I learnt so much and feel inspired." Family Support Worker.

"Jerry's approach was spot-on. Marketing and promotion is something we have to improve or we risk becoming irrelevant. If we don't do it, nobody will do it for us. Jerry gave us techniques and confidence to move forward." Public Library Staff.

"Absolutely inspirational. It truly blew my socks off. Thank you so much." Primary School Headteacher.

"It was great to work alongside more senior members of staff, all being enthusiastic and learning together!" Public Library Staff.

"As usual, Jerry was inspirational." Museum Staff.

"Your enthusiasm shone through. Your stories were interesting & moving. Thank you." Community Play Worker.

"Just brilliant. It hasn't always been easy at my library but I feel much more confident about working with the teenagers." Public Library Staff.

"I wanted to thank you for delivering the excellent training session "Getting the Whole School Reading". I followed your advice and planned, evaluated and provided evidence for all my reading development and promotional activities. I then had a meeting about this with the school's Senior Leadership Team. The meeting went well and when it was announced, at short notice, that the school was to have an Ofsted Survey Inspection for Literacy I was included in a meeting with the Inspector and the Library was observed. Thank goodness I had already prepared most of my impact, evaluation and evidence file. I presented the Inspector with an enhanced file containing current activities and ones that were at the planning stage. He was suitably impressed! The Inspector sent a report to the Head with the following remarks about the Library: "The outstanding leadership of the exciting library provision successfully encourages the students to read frequently. A memorable highlight of the visit was the very enthusiastic way the students talked about their personal reading." Thanks again, Jerry." Secondary School Librarian.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. I have come back to school full of enthusiasm and I’ve already got the school behaviour policy and asked about a target group of children to involve. Thank you for inspiring me." Secondary School Librarian.

"The Jerry Hurst training day will greatly benefit my authority, as it changed my way of thinking totally!" Public Library Staff.

"Great stuff! I feel uplifted and very positive. I feel empowered!" Public Library Staff.

"Just had the Head in with me for half an hour - to ask how my course had gone on Monday. When I was enthusing about it, his eyes lit up at the mention of library planning and self-evaluation! He took time to come back & talk to me about it, & had some great ideas to add of his own about getting the library used by more minority groups! What the course has shown me is using the right language & wanting to be accountable in this way, linking into the school like this is definitely my way forward! It's what I've wanted to do, & what a relief to find the key - the missing link has just been found!" Secondary School Librarian.

"I've had an inspirational day, I'm buzzing with ideas & feel very excited about putting it into action." School Librarian.

"I feel much less nervous about working with teenagers. I've got a starting point and I know what it is we are supposed to be trying to achieve." Public Library Staff.

"Excellent! I have learnt an incredible amount and I have been challenged to think about reading in a new way." Teacher.

"You showed us that anything is possible, with creativity and enthusiasm." Public Library Staff."

"BRILL DAY - made me think about reading not only being about books we read. And how it all relates to our children and young people." Foster Carer.

"So relevant to what we are trying to achieve, and so useful." Teacher.

"It was very inspirational and I have come away with some Eureka moments!" Teacher.

"This course today has made me feel proud to be a librarian!." Public Library Staff.

"Best training I've ever been on!" Museum Staff.

"I thought the day was excellent. I came away with loads of new ideas and was reminded what a difference I make for students. I was especially grateful for the ideas on how to evidence the impact of our work. But there were lots of other good things too, so many thanks for a great day." School Librarian.

"I will now talk to my children more about what they are reading." Foster Carer.

"This has helped me to think again about how we can be more effective in partnering schools and libraries." Museum Staff.

"I can see now how much more we can do to promote the differences the library makes. Many great ideas I will use straight away." School Librarian.

"Thank you. I wasn't exactly sure if I was going to enjoy today or if I would leave with practical ideas to use, however both of these have been achieved." Teacher.

"This training was really eye opening and not what I expected at all. Very educational, enjoyable and informal." Foster Carer.

"I really enjoyed today and it got me fired up again. At the beginning of this term I really felt I wanted to retire but today has reminded me why I do the job." School Librarian.

"I can't remember the last time I had so much fun on a training day." Museum Staff.

'The training has helped me to think about how we can make our sessions much, much more relevant to schools.' Museum Staff.

"It was one of the best training sessions I have been to and so practical. We have our inspection at the beginning of June and the info we were given will be very helpful in preparing evidence etc. as well as for co-operation between us and the public library service." School Librarian.

"Fantastic to have such a productive day with teachers and librarians. We have moved a long way towards working more closely together in the future." Public Library Staff.

"I was totally nervous at the start but feel really up about telling stories now!" Public Library Staff.

"The knowledge of the trainer was impeccable, he knew what he was talking about and the training wasn't done in a formal style, so it kept it fresh and entertaining while we were still learning." Museum Staff.

"Excellent. Informative and presented in a lively fashion - and for me, great to lip read!" Public Library Staff.

"Just to say how excellent yesterday's storytelling training was. This morning we had a class of 4 - 5 year olds from a local school and I chose two stories and really enjoyed sharing them with the children. I followed your advice and I'm now confident about storytimes. Thank you very much for helping me with what was a realproblem... formerly..." Public Library Staff.


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